We’re making a few changes to the cover we currently provide under our Overseas Removals scheme.

We will no longer insure Industrial Tools (Tools of Trade) and they will be specifically excluded from our cover. We will continue to provide Domestic Tools coverage however this will be restricted to £2,500 in total with a maximum limit of £250 for any individual item.

Industrial Tools are defined as any tool that you need in order to do your job, and Domestic Tools are any tools that you use within your household that are not needed in order to do your job.

Insurers have seen a big increase in the number of claims relating to tools which would normally lead to an increase in rates. However, we want to minimise the impact to our customers and are therefore making these changes to ensure our scheme remains competitive in the market.

If you have any queries regarding the  changes,  please do not hesitate Ian Harrison on 0151 236 4568.