At Letton Percival we get to hear of many myths around Emigration Insurance. Much of the time there is confusion between what the removal companies provide and what an independent insurer can offer. To clarify things, here are the most common misconceptions we hear of:


You have to take out insurance with your removal company; otherwise they cannot facilitate your move.

You do not have to take out insurance for your goods with the Removal Company and can opt to go with an Independent Insurer of your choice. Independent schemes such as the one we offer at Letton Percival are much more flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements.


You don’t have to calculate the value of your goods; the removal company can do it for you.

Whilst it is true that some Removal Companies offer this service, calculating your own values is the only way to ensure that your goods are accurately insured and protected in the event of a claim. Removers sometimes use a volumetric calculation to estimate the value of your goods. This invariably leads to an over inflated sum insured, which unnecessarily increases the premium and does not take into account the value of individual items.


Removers offer the widest possible cover, and you will not be able to match their scope of cover anywhere else.

Removal Companies often offer extensions to their Standard Cover, at very costly additional premiums, without explaining the real exposures and the risks actually involved. An independent scheme such as ours is able to tailor the insurance to your needs with no unnecessary extras – just the insurance you need to protect your personal goods.


If you insure your goods through a Removal Company you do not have to pay an excess.

This is not always the case but in the event of a claim some Removal Companies will charge you a fee for handling your claim. Whilst there is an excess on our Policy, this is a one off excess and represents the amount that will be deducted from the total claim when it is ready for settlement.


Removal companies need to see proof of Insurance before they carry out a move.

You don’t have to show a Removal Company your Insurance Policy. You just need to confirm to them in writing that you have arranged your own Insurance and will therefore be accepting their BAR Standard Trading conditions.


You will have to sign a waiver of subrogation taking away any rights of recourse against the Removal Company if you do not take out their Insurance.

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t be made to, sign any waiver of rights form. As above, all you need to do is confirm to the Removal Company in writing that you are accepting their BAR Standard Trading Conditions.

If you are emigrating and want more information about what our scheme can offer you then please visit our Overseas Removals Insurance page, or give our friendly team a call on 0151 236 4568 to ask any questions and we can help you find a solution.