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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most about our Overseas Removals Policy

Do we provide cover for General Average and Salvage Charges
Yes, our policy covers general average and salvage charges, adjusted or determined according to the contract of carriage and/or the governing law and practice.

Can we provide cover without the standard excesses?
No, we have a standard excess of £100 per claim for Household Goods and Personal Effects. This is the amount which will be deducted by Insurers, once a claim is ready for settlement.

Can the premium be paid over the phone?
No the premium is payable by Bank transfer, and we provide you with our Bank account details when we give you a final quotation.

How do I value my consignment for insurance purposes?
There are a couple of basic principles to follow. Firstly, you must insure every item within your consignment, rather than select particular items that you wish to insure. You must then value your goods on the basis of their new replacement cost at destination.
There are some exceptions to this including Antiques and Artwork which should be valued at their market value cost and not as new replacement cost.  

Can I insure tools under your policy?
If you have industrial tools that you use in your job, we cannot insure them under the policy as they are specifically excluded from our cover.
If you have domestic tools that you use within your household, these can be insured under the policy, but cover is limited to £2,500 in total with a maximum value of £250 for any one item.

Is there any storage cover under your policy?
Yes - our policy provides 30 days of storage cover prior to, and 90 days after, shipment. Additional storage is charged at 0.20% plus Insurance Premium Tax, per 30 days or part thereof.

Do we have an administration fee or claims handling fee?
No, there are no additional fees to pay Letton Percival, in any circumstances.

When does cover start under the policy? 
Once the premium has been paid, cover on the goods will attach as soon as the removal company start packing at your residence. If the goods are self packed, then the goods are insured from the time they leave your residence.

Who are the Insurers?
Our policy is underwritten by Aviva Plc.

Do we cover Electrical and/or Mechanical Derangement?
Yes, on all electrical items which are less than 5 years old. 

Do we cover Mould and Mildew?
Yes Mould and Mildew is covered as standard, provided your goods are professionally packed. 

What cover do we give for Pairs and Sets? 
When the loss of one item means that the other item in the pair or set is unable to function as intended, then Insurers will pay for the replacement of the pair or set. For example:

  • A pair of shoes – Insurers would pay for the cost of replacing the shoes if one item was lost or damaged.
  • A set of dining chairs – Insurers would NOT pay for the cost of replacing any undamaged items in the set where only one part was lost or damaged.
  • A suit – Insurers would pay for the cost of replacing the suit if one item was lost or damaged,
  • A three piece suite – Insurers would NOT pay for the cost of replacing any undamaged items in the suite where only one part is lost or damaged.